We’re here to help.

We want to make sure that everyone who visits the Maker Lab is empowered to use our equipment safely and competently. Learning and adhering to safe practices will help prevent personal injury to you and others as well as minimizing damage to our equipment. We want to help you learn how to safely and effectively use all the various pieces of equipment in the Maker Lab.

When you are in the lab and need assistance with a tool, please find a Maker on Duty and ask for help. We will take a few minutes to visit with you about safe use, best practices and can even demo proper use. After that, we’ll watch you use the equipment the first few times to make sure you’ve understood instructions and answer follow-up questions.

Most of the large pieces of equipment in the Maker Lab shop area are kept physically locked out with a keyed lock for safety reasons. Once you have completed the safety training for a particular tool, the Maker on Duty will be able to remove the lock whenever you need to use it.